Surf constructions

There is no better feeling catching waves with boards you made by yourself !

For a couple of years i join MA boards and i was doing research on new shapes and designs.



Surfing one of my creations, at Tinos Kolybithra beach in 2000! A 6'6" fishwhich i named it "the bmxer"  after the drawing I didand also because it was passing the flat sections, like a bmx on pump track!

Surfing the 6'6" bmxer!

Alien  vs Predator

Ok ! This is not a surfboard , but the techniques and materials for this project were similar to the ones used when making surfboards.

The project was intended for the promotion of the film "Alien VS Predator". I had to construct replicas for Alien and Predator which were made from foam and epoxy resin, exactly as like surfboard! The final installation consisted of the characters as well as a screen where visitors could vote who would be the final survivor. The promotion was intended for the Village Cinemas and was commissioned by the advertising company Ogilvy One.

My friends George Liarikos and Zachos Varfis contributed in this project with ideas, designs and also helped during the construction process.

Making-of photos :