"Rocking Chair"


The "Rocking Chair" is made from old used skateboards mounted on a metallic frame designed by me. The top skateboards are covered with foam for extra comfort.


The "Surf Chair" is made from an old broken surfboard. It's reshaped and glassed with fibers  and polyester resin. It's hand painted with spray paint and markers.

The "Ski Bench" is an old fashioned outdoor bench made from skis from the 70's and the 80's. The skis are painted by hand by me looking as wook.

" The Surfboard Backgammon Table" is actually a high performance rideable surfboard! It's a 5'8" length board with a wide retro style nose to catch waves easily and a round pin tail for maximum speed on those fast tube rides! It's made with super light construction with epoxy carbon and thin layers of wood.

My first surf chair designs which were exhibit at the surf art festival in 2015