LifeStyleEvents was a small event company that Markos Chatzikyriakakis and I created on 1997 to organize action sports and music events.

First event we worked on was the Sweet summer festival at Kolybithra beach, in Paros island, Summer 1998.

The event included skateboarding and bmx riding on a big spine ramp, placed on the beach! On the background, live music was playing from hip-hop and punk rock bands. While some bmxers were water jumping off  the big ramp and landing on the Aegean sea, other people were wakeboarding or just  enjoying the sea and the sunshine!

Other events  :

Air & Water Athens 1999

Air&Water, was one of the biggest events organized in Athens back in the days and the main event was a big air snowboard water jump! There  were International riders competing with Greek ones for a big money prize. Among the International athletes, 1998 Halfpipe Olympic winner Gian Simmen (SUI)  was competing!

Side events involved  big dirt bmxing, vert bmx  and in-line skating, trial mountain biking and live music from TXC, FFC and N-trance .

Ultra Cross Parnassos 2000

Ultra Corss was a combination of boarder cross skiing and snowboard cross, as a site event, there was live music, vert-ramp skateboarding - bmx and freestyle snowboarding, all in one day!

Local Hero tour 2000

The idea of Local Hero tour was to discover the best bmxers in four main cities around Greece. For this purpose we designed a mobile bmx  street park that fitted in one truck.  

King of Athens 1, 2001

King of Athens 2, 2002

King of Athens was held in the center of Athens, on the courtyard of Zappeion Hall. It involved a  bmx dirt competition  with street course bmx and freestyle motocross as side events. One of the main challenges of the event, beside its organization, was the clean-up process since large amounts of soil (approx. 60 truck loads!) needed to be removed in a very short time frame immediately after the even was finished.